About Andiccio 24

Our story is a simple one. We love good quality food and pizza is our favourite pleasure. Living in a country filled with diversity inspires us every day. People are different. They like different things. Individual tastes are just that – unique.

So, it’s important to honor our belief in freedom and cater to choice. We’re inspired by you and your individual quirks. We chuckle at your unusual requests, sample your combinations and fall in love. We admire your creativity.

Our job is to source the finest ingredients for you to play with. To ensure we employ the most skilled and passionate pizza makers to make your vision come to life. And, above all, to make your experience with us fun.

Currently, we have 28 stores, all of which are situated in South Africa – 21 stores in Johannesburg, 3 stores in Pretoria, 4 stores in Cape Town, Awesome, isn’t it?

World domination is imminent and so is expanding our national footprint. KZN and other provinces are on our radar.

Want a slice of the action? Send your Franchise Enquiry to info@andiccio24.co.za