Chicken Soup

They don’t call it chicken soup for the soul for nothing! Soup is one of those meals that can turn a bad day into a happy, warm and fuzzy one with every bite. At Andiccio24 we’re all about food, your way and often get asked what a pizza joint is doing selling soup? Well, the answer is that in South Africa our palates and tastes are as diverse as our cultures, and we’re all about celebrating that.

Alongside our pizzas, pastas and salads, we offer fresh, homemade organic chicken soup on our menu as well as other options like butternut soup, minestrone and spicy chill bean soup too. What’s more, every bowl of our delicious organic chicken broth comes with a toasted, oven-baked ciabatta roll to boot. Is your mouth watering yet?

Order your chicken soup online now or visit one of our 21 stores in Gauteng today.

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Why eat chicken soup with pizza?

Hey, we don’t judge! If our customers want to eat soup, salad, pasta and pizza in one go then so be it. Our job is to offer a varied menu with a huge range of choices and toppings so that our customers can decide for themselves exactly what they want, and how they want it.

If you’re looking for chicken vegetable soup or even chicken tortilla soup, chat to one of our friendly servers instore or to our online bot to find out what soups we have for you.

Where to order chicken soup?

Andiccio24 of course! We’re open 24/7 at one of 21 stores across Gauteng, or you can order online 24/7 too and get free delivery of your fresh meal at any time of the day or night.

We’re in the business of allowing our diverse nation a large choice from a diverse menu. It’s all about letting the magic happen, your way.

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