Ciabatta Roll

Does the sound of a toasted Italian ciabatta roll with mozzarella cheese fill you with glee? Us too! At Andiccio24 we offer ciabatta bread rolls with your choice of toppings as a meal or as a side dish to accompany a scrumptious pizza, pasta or even a salad. Or you can even just get one to go on its own.

Ciabatta is a hearty Italian bread made from wheat flour, water, olive oil, salt and yeast and is the perfect option for the not so hungry customer that just needs a snack, or for the very hungry person that wants a wholesome, warm accompaniment to their main meal.

At Andiccio24, we go one step further by adding mozzarella topping to our Italian bread rolls, and then it’s up to you to fill it with delicious toppings that absolutely to die for. Or, you can just eat it as is; either way it will be amazing.

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How many calories in a ciabatta roll?

A ciabatta roll is an age-old Italian bread recipe that is packed with flavour and wholesome goodness. Turn your ciabatta roll into a healthy snack but packing it full of wholesome toppings like olives, artichokes, chicken and feta (just to name a few) and add herbs like basil and rocket on top too. You can make your ciabatta roll as simple or as jam-packed as you’d like it to be. The calorie content will of course, depend on the toppings you choose.

Where can I order a ciabatta roll?

When you visit Andiccio24 online or instore, you’ll be able to get yourself one, two or 12 ciabatta rolls depending on your preference. If you’re feeding a family of six and are in need of some accompaniments to your pasta dinner, or even if you’re getting takeaway for one and want a roll to accompany your salad or pizza, the choice is yours.

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