For those that prefer a little something sweeter than a beer, ciders are the perfect thirst-quenching drink of choice. They’re fizzy, icy, full of flavour, and are the perfect partner to any Andiccio24 meal.

Choose from our range of cider brands like Bernini, Hunters, Savanna or Smirnoff now and you won’t be disappointed. Cider alcohol goes perfectly with a freshly baked pizza on a hot summer’s day, or even with a flavour-packed, healthy salad. Some of us even like to enjoy a cider just as is when we’re at a braai or while we’re watching the rugby.

No matter how you like to drink your favourite local cider, we’ve got them ready and waiting in the fridge today at an Andiccio24 near you.

Order your cider now or visit one of our 21 stores in Gauteng today.

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Where to buy ciders?

We offer a range of yummy ciders on our menu to choose from, not to mention;

  • Bernini blush
  • Bernini classic
  • Hunters Dry
  • Hunters Extreme
  • Hunters Gold
  • Savanna
  • Savanna Loco
  • Smirnoff Guarana
  • Smirnoff Spin

Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity like a Bernini Blush, or something lemony like a Savanna, ask for it by name and we’ll gladly crack one open for you. From Smirnoff Spin to Hunter’s Dry, we have it all on our cider list for you to choose form. Ask us for our cider prices now.

Where to buy ciders online?

Not only are we a pizza and pasta restaurant chain but we also offer drinks, smoothies, milkshakes and alcoholic beverages to enjoy with your meal – day or night. Our online store is open 24/7 to take your order and we deliver for free in Gauteng. Create your own pizza online with us today and choose your cider, beer, gin, wine or champagne drink of choice to go perfectly with it.

Pop in to one of our 21 stores in Gauteng today and enjoy an ice-cold, fruity cider while you wait for us to prepare your meal. Or order a six-pack to take home to your friends or family to enjoy later on.

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