Dr Pepper

We understand the need to quench your thirst during a delicious Andiccio24 meal, and that’s why we offer a huge range of imported cold drinks including Dr Pepper sodas. The Dr Pepper drink was first created in 1880 which means if it’s been around this long, it must be good.

Choose from our huge range of imported sodas online or in store now. Buy a Doctor Pepper or any other soda of your choice on our menu like Vanilla Coke or Cherry Coke. We’re all about choice and variety at Andiccio24, and ensure that our menu is big enough for you to be able to choose whatever it is that you’re craving day or night.

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Where to buy Dr Pepper soda?

Dr Pepper’s aren’t available everywhere and that’s why we’re proud to have it on our menu at Andiccio24. There’s nothing like a cold cola or sparkling water to quench your thirst on a hot South African summer’s day or as the perfect drink to share your lunch or dinner time with.

You can buy Dr Pepper at any of our Andiccio24 stores in Gauteng or order your cold drink online with your meal today.

We also have a full range of other imported cold drinks to sample. So, why not try one of these drinks too;

  • Cherry coke
  • Lemon ice tea
  • Lemon-soda
  • Oran-soda
  • Peach ice tea
  • Root beer
  • San Pellegrino Rosso
  • Vanilla coke

How many Dr Pepper flavours?

There are many Dr Pepper flavours to try, 23 flavours in fact, so why not try them all? It will give your 23 chances to sample absolutely everything on our delicious menu from pizzas and salads, to ciabatta rolls and soups too. Add a Dr Pepper to your dessert pizza and Haagen Dazs ice cream order too! The sky is the limit, and at Anddicio24 we’re kinda excited to see what you’re going to come up with.

Order online 24/7 and get free delivery in Gauteng now. Or pop in to one of our 21 stores to get your Dr Pepper soda today; while you’re at it order lunch or dinner for the whole family or for you work team too.

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