Our Shakes

Andiccio24, like our other product offerings, our shakes are available in all of our 25 stores, and we have an extensive list to choose from. We firmly believe that it is important to honor our belief in freedom and cater to choice. We’re inspired by our customer’s individual quirks and chuckle at their unusual requests, all whilst sampling their combinations and falling in love with their choices.

We admire creativity. Built on the foundations that our customers get to create their own creations from Pizza, to pasta, salads, toasted ciabattas and lastly our Shakes, the options are endless. Regardless of the time of day or night, as we are open for 24 hours, 365 days of the year.

Here at Andiccio24 we are ready to cater for your caffeine morning fix; after work glass of wine; to your post workout craving for a smoothie found on our smoothie menu. Bring the kids along, as our range of customizable and decadent desert shakes are to die for.

Desert Shake

Select your base for your ice cream shake from either Strawberry, chocolate, lime, bubblegum or vanilla or then throw in some of our sweet toppings from our desert and smoothie menu, for good measure and boom, a desert shake fit for royalty. So good, mom or dad may want one too. Our desert shakes are available on our menu which can be found on both our Andiccio24 website; through our online ordering platform; as well as in store and through each one of our third delivery partners.

Our Andiccio24’s beverage menu contains an assortment of hot beverages that will cater to your every need. Partnering with great brands such as Illy coffee and TWG Teas, our hot beverages bring a new meaning to ‘hot & steamy’. Whether you are looking for a quick cappuccino, café latte or a shot of espresso to kick start your day – we have it all. For those that are more health conscious Andiccio24 offer healthy hot drinks too, our TWG tea range has been sourced with care and is imported from Singapore, where each tea bag is individually sown with the highest quality cotton. We offer 8 different combinations and they are most certainly worth a try.

In addition to our TWG, our healthy hot drinks are complimented by our creamy red cappucino’s- completely guilt free. Our delicious fruit smoothies are made from fresh frozen fruit and ice, no preservatives, no colourants and no added sugars. A burst of fresh fruity flavor in every sip. A full list of our beverages including Coke, sprite, appletiser etc and our imported drinks including fan favourites, vanilla and cherry coke are on offer as well. All of our Andiccio24 stores are licensed to sell alcohol and offer a full range of beers, ciders, wine and bubbly – so the party never has to end.

Can you order our milkshakes for delivery?

Our ice cream shakes and smoothie menu is available for delivery, which is free to all addresses located within a 5km radius of each one of our stores. So yes, we can definitely deliver our shakes to you. Through our fun, innovative and creative packaging, any of our smoothies and desert shakes can be delivered straight to your front door.

So if you do not feel like leaving the comfort of your home, our smoothie menu together with our ice cream shakes are available for delivery – which boasts convenience to the max. Andiccio24 although we are more known for our pizzas, and red velvet cupcakes have always ensured that our shakes are decadent and competitively priced.

With 24 stores across Gauteng, with 3 of these stores located in Pretoria and their first store opening in Green Point, Cape Town the brand is expanding with world domination in their sights.