We’ve all been there; at work, it’s late afternoon and that post lunch slump is hitting hard. Or it’s late evening and we need to keep awake to study or to finish that all important report. Or it’s cheat day and our tummies are ready for something delicious to fill them. No matter what you’re experiencing, a tasty, strong espresso will give you a pep in your step, day or night,

Whether your follow a delectable pizza or pasta meal with an espresso coffee, or simply order one to takeaway all on its own, we offer it all at Andiccio24. Order a cupcake or your favourite flavour of Haagen Daz ice cream with the best espresso or other hot drink in Gauteng from Andiccio24 now.

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What’s in an espresso?

Espresso coffee is an Italian hot drink made by forcing steaming hot water through finely ground coffee grind. It creates a thick, velvety coffee that is strong and absolutely delicious.

At Andiccio24, we love just about everything that the Italians have created, from pizza and pasta to ciabatta rolls, cappuccinos and espresso too. That’s why we make so many of their creations available on our menu to order online or instore.

Where to buy an espresso online?

Check Andiccio24 out online to buy an espresso now. Have squiz at our full menu which offers a wide range of cold drinks, hot drinks and alcoholic beverage options as well as the most delicious pizzas, pastas, salads, soups, dessert pizzas and cupcakes too. We’re all about food done your way and that’s why we like you to tell us what you want to eat and how.

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