Our Food

What food do we offer at Andiccio24?

Here at Andiccio24, we firmly believe that it is important to honor our belief in freedom and cater to choice. Our food, is the foundation to this belief. Our food is also inspired by our customer’s individual quirks and we chuckle at their unusual requests, all whilst sampling their combinations and falling in love with their choices. We aim to ensure a consistency across all of our stores, offering high quality products and all round healthy food being prepared as a result. Pizza is playful. Experiment. Enjoy it how you like it, when you crave it, where you want it. We embrace choice. At our pizza playground, everyone’s invited. We promise to make your world better, if only for a short while. Enliven your senses. Tickle your taste buds. Stir your hearts. We are not creatures of conformity. We love good quality food and pizza is our favourite pleasure. Living in a country filled with diversity inspires us every day. People are different. They like different things. Individual tastes are just that – unique. So it’s important to honor our belief in freedom and cater to choice through our food. We’re inspired by you and your individual quirks. We chuckle at your unusual requests, sample your combinations and fall in love. We admire your creativity. Our job is to source the finest nutrition food and ingredients for you to play with. To ensure we employ the most skilled and passionate pizza makers to make your vision come to life. And, above all, to make your experience with us a fun one. Andiccio24 is a novel concept in the restaurant industry. We encourage you to create your own magic by providing you with choice. With cheese, without cheese. Gluten-free, whole-wheat, garlic or nutella, there are a number of pizza bases to suit any palate. Even our Banting buddies have 6 different Banting bases available in all stores. We offer a large array of Banting meals, ingredients and herbs as toppings, allowing for endless flavor combinations. Of course, if you have a momentary lapse of sanity and don’t feel like eating pizza, you’re still our friend. So why not try one of our pasta dishes? Penne, lasagne or spaghetti we have got something delicious for everyone, even gluten-free penne and freshly baked vegetable lasagne. Together with a pasta sauce of your choice and toppings, the options are never-ending. Use our fresh ingredients to create your blend of nutritional food through a tasty salad or custom ciabatta warmed in our pizza oven. Our fresh, homemade soups are the perfect belly warmers. Regardless of the time of day or night, we are open for 24 hours, 365 days of the year. Here at Andiccio24 we are ready to cater for your caffeine morning fix; low carb take away craving; your after work glass of wine; to your post workout craving for a smoothie found on our smoothie menu. Bring the kids along, as our range of customizable and decadent desert shakes are to die for. Select your flavor ice cream shake from either Strawberry, chocolate, lime, bubblegum or vanilla and why not throw in some of their sweet toppings for good measure and boom, a desert shake fit for royalty. So good, mom or dad may want one too. All of Our Food, including our low carb take away options are are available on our menu which can be found on both our Andiccio24 website; through our online ordering platform; as well as in store and through each one of our third delivery partners.

Healthy Food

Can our healthy food be delivered?

Through our innovative and creative packaging all of our food and healthy food are available to be delivered straight to your front door. So if you do not feel like leaving the comfort of your home, our food is available for delivery which boasts convenience to the max. Andiccio24 although more known for our pizzas, and red velvet cupcakes we have always ensured that our food menu including our banting meals is extensive and competitively priced. With 24 stores across Gauteng, with 3 of these stores located in Pretoria and their first store opening in Green Point, Cape Town the brand is expanding with world domination in their sights. View our food and healthy food menu on our online ordering platform.