Peri Peri Sauce

For the brave at heart and adventurous of tummy, try our peri peri sauce from Andiccio24 today. It is packed with the finest ingredients and has been called the hottest hot sauce in town.

At Andiccio24, our peri peri hot sauce is not for sissies and our recipe comes straight from the people who know, the Italians. It’s delicious, full of flavour and packs a flaming punch too. Add it to your pizza or pasta, drizzle it over your salad, or dunk your ciabatta roll in it for extra pow, the choice is yours.

Our hot sauce is available in 50ml and 250ml bottles to buy, or ask your server to add a dab to your order.

Order your peri peri sauce online now or visit one of our 21 stores in Gauteng today.

Order Peri Peri Sauce Online

Why add peri peri sauce in a pizza?

If you have to ask, you’ve never tasted the glory of a finely made pizza whose ingredients are brought to life thanks to the best peri peri sauce in Jo’burg. Whether you like to lather your pizza or pasta in sauce, or just add a touch for taste, our peri peri sauce is guaranteed to turn your delicious pizza into an amazeballs one.

Where to order peri peri sauce?

At Andiccio24, we’re all about choice as you know. Tell your passionate pizza maker to add a dab or two to your pizza or order your own bottle to take home. We have a 50ml sauce bottle and a 250ml sauce bottle on the menu for the hot stuff lovers.

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