The Italians had it perfectly right when they gave the world pasta! It’s the kind of meal that puts an instant smile on your face and makes your tummy very happy.

At Andiccio24 we understand this all too well and that’s why we offer spaghetti and a host of other pasta options on our menu too. We offer you three basic sauces to go with your pasta and you get to choose from our wide range of toppings to go into you spaghetti pasta masterpiece. Choose from our huge range of toppings to go in to your spaghetti dishes, or simply just have a sauce – it’s up to you.

You know us well by now – we’re all about pizza (and pasta), made your way and we are always excited to see what wacky and wonderful pasta combinations you come up with.

Order your Andiccio spaghetti online now or visit one of our 21 stores in Gauteng and create your very own masterpiece.

Order Spaghetti Online

Why is spaghetti good for you?

Spaghetti can be a very wholesome dish packed with ingredients that are both healthy and full of flavour. At Andiccio24 we offer three basic sauces to go with your spaghetti dish, namely:

  • Aurora – tomato & cream sauce
  • Crema – cream sauce
  • Napoletana – tomato sauce

All our sauces are made with the finest ingredients and packed with goodness. You can then add a range of toppings that tickle your fancy like anchovies, chicken, chillies or cheddar.

Where can I order spaghetti?

At Andiccio24 we make ordering pasta or pizza easy. You have the option of creating your flavour-packed meal online. Start your order by choosing from our menu online, and we’ll deliver your meal for free anywhere in Gauteng. Or you can come in to one of our friendly stores and create your masterpiece in person.

Let your creative and gastronomic juices free with a pasta dish from Andiccio24, we offer you spaghetti, penne or gluten-free penne as your base and the rest, as they say, is history.

Start your order online now.

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