White Hot Chocolate

Take your hot chocolate dreams to another level by trying out our decadent white hot chocolate today. We take the traditional hot chocolate drink and flip it on its head by offering you a gooey, delicious, melt-in-your-mouth white chocolate drink to enjoy before, during, or after any meal on our menu.

For those who have an untraditional sweet tooth and prefer white over milk chocolate, you will absolutely love our white chocolate hot chocolate option.

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What is white chocolate made of?

Unlike the traditional hot chocolate which is made of milk chocolate mixed with warm, frothy milk, white chocolate is very much the same but instead of using milk chocolate, white chocolate is used instead. It gives this hot drink a deliciously different flavour and is certainly a treat for both the tastebuds and the tummy.

Where to buy white chocolate?

Whether you want to order a warm, white choc drink to end off your meal or you just want to order it all on its own, we offer you the choice at Andiccio24. Our menu is varied and you can create your own pizza or pasta masterpieces with us any time of day or night. Supplement your scrumptious meal with a sugary send off in the form of a hot drink, milkshake, ice cream tib or even a cupcake too.

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